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  1. grafton2

    Haven’t watched this is in years. Forgot how entertaining this was. 2016.... we just didn’t know what we were in store for.

  2. Fancy Hughes

    Now do The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!

  3. H McNamara

    OMG, do Night Moves. Please. Night Movies. I gotta get me my Gene Hackman on. Night Moves!

  4. Mr.Banana Man

    He he I love it Stich my favite!

  5. Keithustus

    Ah, so this is how I can learn what the end of The Big Lebowski is......tried to watch so many times, but just so so boring.

  6. Mai Mai Luna

    You forgot "the movie where he flips a lot of guys before killing them"

  7. Rebecca Rich

    I haven't watched a single one of these movies but I enjoyed this video nonetheless. What a diss on Max Greenfield! Geez.

  8. Gim Bob Jenkins

    I wasn't going to click on this video but then I got high.

  9. topchief1

    Sooo they're going to space now.

  10. learningchanneru

    wow was he that evil

  11. Abhishek Pawar

    Dude how can you have NOT MADE an honest trailer for the peaky fookin blinders????

  12. Tracy Ndiyob

    happy 20th anniversary shrek!!! :3

  13. Michael L

    How about the fact that the Darkseid flashback battle seemed to be pretty much a mashup of the Lord of the Rings opening scene and 300?

  14. mooveeluver

    Dang, that little girl delivers that line like Greta Thunberg.

  15. Sue Jane UK

    Loved Lost. The time travel jumping, made my day.

  16. vargen1414

    It is this guy’s fault that Terminator Dark Fate was so bad!

  17. Billy TK

    Never watched this one - It's not part of the Fast and Furious franchise IMO, but Love the real Fast and Furious Movies. ;)

  18. Nathan Carr

    I wonder if spending almost all of 2020 on an aircraft carrier is any better.

  19. Birthquake Records

    I’m so glad I gave up on this show after a few seasons

  20. Amer Hodzic

    lmao @ Don't Make Him Ang Lee

  21. Johnny 5

    Change My Mind: Sam Liu has been the best director for DC. None of the live action films even come close to the animated films.

  22. John Fischer

    Truth speak on charlie and the chocolate factory. Just fucking dumb.

  23. Kindred Productions

    This never gets old! Lol

  24. Ben Amini

    So not even one comment about Seinfeld reference?!

  25. Jacob Keyser

    Nah Sakka and Suki got to home plate

  26. Asha

    Yeah, if I woke up with superman level super powers, I would end up punching someone so hard that they liquify into red mist sometime in the first week.

  27. Abhishek Dhar

    Not enough bashing. Disappointed.

  28. Bozkurt Kaan Karaoglan

    Hey Honest Trailers! Go global ! How about trashing foreign movies one nation at a time. From smug French art movies to unbearably sappy Bollywood to silly Chinese martial arts to cheesy Korean dramas to Norwegian chick flicks...:) Do you have talented writers up to task? There are some really good foreign movies out there too...Russian Tarkovsky is one of them....and also can you say "Hot diggidy dag'on crawfish!!! :))

  29. VonWenk

    The Big Lebowski Honest Trailer was definitely worth sitting through the Reefer Madness Honest Trailer. Have you ever done an Honest Trailer of Barton Fink?

  30. Matt Otter

    Perfect for the role? The guy's a shriveled up prune, he needed his suit to have plastic muscles on it cuz he had none of his own. This movie sucked.

  31. s s

    Can y’all please do the movie soul? I think its great

  32. Joseph Lyon

    I've never seen The Big Lebowski.

  33. Samyra Nason

    Goram and not frakking? Well Frak....

  34. Griff

    This would have been the greatest show of all time

  35. ike eki

    "pumpkin spice hoffman" 🤣

  36. Carlo ghattas

    I wactch this at 7

  37. Diego Britez

    Mediocre?? Haha... avengers age of ultron, they speak to you

  38. Josh Rettig


  39. Garrett Williams

    These might be the 3 funniest beings on this planet

  40. Chris Regan

    Let's see a trailer for My Cousin Vinny

  41. Nile Thompson

    Why was I scared to just watch the trailer?

  42. AL_emonade


  43. Lee Phillips

    What was this a fan-fic for?

  44. AS øC

    That Forrest Grump reference was extremely niche. Don't know how many people will get it.

  45. Leo Rodriguez

    Jimi Hendrix-ing 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  46. Debbie Lough

    "Every other British actor." Kylie Minogue in top row. Entire continent of Australia now annoyed.

  47. Daniel Lechter

    Somewhat controversial opinion: this is a good movie

  48. Adam Quin

    Riz Ahmed is definitely not the first Muslim to get a best actor nomination. Mahershala Ali has won 2 oscars for best actor..... I guess you mean lead actor

  49. honey

    I think the actors were perfect, the writing and direction was awful

  50. wickedd365

    Please do The Jesus Rolls Fans of Big Lebowski, don't waste your time on The Jesus Rolls, its TERRIBLE!

  51. Daniel Lechter

    If you think about it Buddy Pine at the beginning of the movie is at most like 10 years old, so 15 years later he's at most 25 Syndrome has killed dozens of superheroes and isn't even 25 years old

  52. Abigail Jockle


  53. Chubby Huang

    Thanks to Covid-19 and Torrents this year I haven't give Hollywood 1 cent, he he he

  54. Alexis Stelmack

    Ah yes, animating with Xerox machines. 😆

  55. dcb976

    I always find it weird that the first thing to do when fans, the customers they want money from, get called toxic, and harassers. No said that about Ford customers complaints about no physical buttons for the controls when they used the touch sensitive surfaces. Or Honda when people asked for an actual volume button. It’s odd only in movies and tv they call just scream toxic fandom without anyone going it’s a mass consumer product and the consumers aren’t happy. Looking at you Star Wars. Also the 2017 version had 41% on RT from critics. The Snyder cut has 71%. Mediocre would be average. Average would be 50%.

  56. Rui S. Ribeiro


  57. mokeish

    The best fucking super hero film writers of all time.

  58. Rui S. Ribeiro


  59. Rui S. Ribeiro


  60. Rui S. Ribeiro


  61. dark unicorn

    Me, who didn't think much of the first ww movie and actually didn't think this one is worst or better than the previous one, watching people being mad about this one: 👁️👄👁️

  62. QuanPan Tan

    i would totally dig March of the Penguin tbh 🤣😉

  63. Rui S. Ribeiro


  64. KP Kev the Poet


  65. Rui S. Ribeiro


  66. Goran Mitic

    this is the video i learned DMX is dead

  67. nishchay adlakha

    Shiny and chrome!

  68. C O'S

    Please do an Honest trailer for Troy (2004) that film is siiiiick

  69. Ke Ge

    12 k snyder fanbois don't likeel Bad to mediocre is spot on.

  70. Rui S. Ribeiro


  71. Noah Sherwood

    I made "The Dude abides" my senior quote.

  72. Thortok2000

    say "I already said that one."

  73. Mario

    1. "No-ku" ...hahahah 2. "A tiger with downsyndrome"...hahahahah 3. "Hand Farts" hahahahaah 4."Kaka-NOT"...hahaha 5. "The Mask"...hahaha 6. "Crouching tigher, dead career"...hahaha

  74. Miles Trombley

    I want a white russian.

  75. Tyler Duncan

    Do Police Academy

  76. kickbuttme

    wait, wasn't there an honest trailer for willow!?!?!?!?!?!

  77. Warren G

    Honest Trailers abides

  78. Warren G

    Viking Dudet

  79. Michaela Marquardt

    Not the be THAT person, but Roger Lloyd Pack who played John Lumic in Doctor Who (seen in the "Every Other British Actor" part) hast also portrayed Barty Crouch Sr. in Harry Potter, so he should be in the "Every British Actor: Harry Potter Division" part. Just sayin'...

  80. Kojo Boateng

    Do citizen Kane